[EP-tech] Some questions about SWORDv2/CRUD endpoint

Richard Jones richard at cottagelabs.com
Fri Aug 28 09:32:26 BST 2015

Hi Folks,

We're currently working on a new version of the Jisc Publications Router,
and am looking into how best to put the content into an EPrints via
SWORDv2.  I'm encountering a few oddities, though, and I wonder if someone
can clarify how that endpoint works for me?

1/ Posting an atom entry document to /id/content should result in the
creation of a new eprint populated with the metadata from that document,
but instead it creates an eprint with no metadata and the atom xml attached
as a file called "main.bin".  Perhaps I'm missing some crosswalk


2/ My service document says:


But when I PUT a file of this format tot he media resource I get a "package
format not supported" error.

Also, it does not say that it supports SimpleZip, but if I PUT a SimpleZip
it works fine.  Is there a place that I can customise the
accept/acceptPackaging entries in the service document?

3/ Completing deposit doesn't appear to work.  When I POST to the eprint's
Edit-IRI, I get a 405 Method Not Allowed, but it should update the eprint


Looking at the code, with my limited Perl skills, it looks like the full
SWORDv2 protocol is not supported - is there some documentation that will
tell me what features are supported?  For example, does multipart deposit

Any tips/pointers much appreciated.




Richard Jones,

Founder, Cottage Labs
t: @richard_d_jones, @cottagelabs
w: http://cottagelabs.com
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