[EP-tech] Re: Autoarchive local copy of open access document

Ian Stuart Ian.Stuart at ed.ac.uk
Wed Apr 8 14:03:02 BST 2015

On 08/04/15 13:12, Andrew Beeken wrote:
> Interesting one from a meeting - if an output is linked to an open
> access copy that's hosted elsewhere, is there a known plugin or
> methodology to get EPrints to autoarchive a local copy of that
> document?
Not a generic solution, no.

Different repositories (meaning store of things) have different APIs for 
accessing content.

Even Screen-Scraping isn't a solution, as the GUI is highly variable.

In theory, one could write a script that grabbed a defined URL, and 
pulled in all the .pdf / .doc / .xls / etc files and added then to an 
eprint specified on the command line - but there's always the risk that 
the web page has links to documents & things in the header/footer area; 
or there's a side-bar with additional content, or....


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