[EP-tech] SetLang - Use of the parameter referrer with the function view and the suffix .include

Jean-Pierre.Roy at etsmtl.ca Jean-Pierre.Roy at etsmtl.ca
Wed Sep 17 16:23:01 BST 2014

Hello All,

It sounds like that the cgi script "set_lang", with the parameter "referrer" and the function "view" ending with the suffix ".include", is generating, within the same web session, an output which is similar to the one you get when you send, again and again, the same input to a printer or a pdf creator : you get always the same result at the end.

Indeed, during the same web session, regardless of the time elapsed, the "set_lang" request, incorporating a “view” with the suffix “.include”, is always coming back with the same result, even if you try to change $langid with "set_lang?lang=xx" or to clear cookie when you send your request (like "http://depository/cgi/set_lang?referrer=http://depository/view/people/{Family},_{Given Name}.include" which normally returns a result based on the default language of the browser)

Would you please confirm whether this understanding is right or not?


Jean-Pierre Roy,
École de technologie supérieure,
Montréal, Canada
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