[EP-tech] Irstats error after updating my version of eprints (3.2 --> 3.3)

Jean-Marie Le Bechec Jean-Marie.LeBechec at inp-toulouse.fr
Fri Sep 12 07:17:19 BST 2014

Hi all,

after updated eprints (3.2 -> 3.3.12), I just realized that the script 
update no longer works; I fixed initially a problem 
(https://github.com/eprints/irstats2/issues/41) but now I have this 
error message:

/sh-3.2$ /appli/eprints/archives/oatao/bin/stats/process_stats oatao 
--verbose --verbose//
//Generating set tables.//
//Use of uninitialized value in subtraction (-) at 
/appli/eprints/perl_lib/EPrints/Database.pm line 886.//
//Can't call method "get_property" without a package or object reference 
at /appli/eprints/perl_lib/EPrints/Database.pm line 905./

Should I delete my manual installation of irstats (eprints 3.2) and 
using eprints bazaar to reinstall it? Or can I fix it and how? What do 
you recommend?

Thank you.



Jean Marie Le Bechec
Service Commun de la Documentation
Responsable ingenierie documentaire
Direction du Systeme d'Information
Referent Etudes

Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse
6 allee Emile Monso - bp 34038 -
31029 Toulouse cedex 4
Tel : 05 34 32 31 16
Mail : lebechec at inp-toulouse.fr

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