[EP-tech] This might not work they way they hope...

Matthew Brady Matthew.Brady at usq.edu.au
Wed Sep 3 23:56:23 BST 2014

Hi All,

I picked this up from another list I am subscribed to, and thought I would share, as some of these will impact ePrint systems....  The list member noticed it on one of their DSpace lists that they are subscribed to,

  "     A proposal from the Webometrics team to change the criteria for including or excluding IR's in the list and for modifying some of the ranking criteria.
            Main proposed changes are:
1.           Calculation of Scholar indicator will no longer be filtered by pdf.
2.           Institutional repositories that don't use the institutional domain will be excluded.
3.           Pseudo-institutional repositories of academic subunits will be excluded.
4.           Repositories using ports others than 80 or 8080
5.           Institutional repositories that use the name of the software in the host name will be excluded.
6.           Institutional repositories that use more than 4 directory levels for the URL address of the full texts will be excluded.
7.           Institutional repositories that use more than 3 different numeric (or useless) codes in their URLs will be excluded.
8.           Repositories with more than 50% of the records not linking OA full text versions, except those CRIS disguised as repositories

Some of these will obviously be controversial so please note that Webometrics are open to input on the proposal until the next ranking update in Jan 2015.
                More detail at http://repositories.webometrics.info/en/node/26
I don't know if they are trying to deliberately game the system, but I don't like the idea of a 'ranking' system for IR's where you arbitrarily exclude certain players for nonsensical reasons.


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