[EP-tech] Re: History dataset, or IRStats 'History' processor

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I added the history processor for some sort of proof of concept but I
removed the reports from z_irstats2.pl so you'll have to re-write them
(the configuration, that is). You should be able to plot a graph per
history action (move_X_Y for instance or "delete"/"remove" - sorry I
forgot the exact terminology but a quick look at the mysql tables should

One use was to plot the number of eprints that go live per day (from the
buffer) but there are many other uses. I should have documented those,


On 27.10.2014 15:14, John Salter wrote: 

> Hi,
> I'm looking into some statistics that I've been asked to provide (or, whether I can provide them at all).
> One of them is a measure of the eprint_status over time - to measure how much processing we have to do, and whether we're dealing with it in a timely manner.
> The answer to the query can probably be answered using the 'history' dataset - which stores timestamps for when items are moved between the different status' (amongst other things).
> IRStats2 has a processor for the 'history' dataset, but out-of-the-box, I can't see anything that actually uses the data that it generates.
> Has anyone done anything using either the history dataset, or the IRStats processed history data?
> Cheers,
> John
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