[EP-tech] Re: Httpd forbidden error

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Tue Nov 11 11:42:22 GMT 2014



(1) apache running as "eprints": 

$ ps aux | grep apache2 

^ that will show the user it's running as - or look up "User" and
"Group" in apache2.conf 

(2) which version of Apache2 are you using (run: "apache2 -version")? 

If you're using apache2 v2.4 you need to apply some patches - the thread
is there: https://github.com/eprints/eprints/issues/214 

If not, well I don't know - look for errors in the apache2 error log


On 11.11.2014 10:29, ILINA SYAZWANI BINTI MUSA wrote: 

> How do I check whether the httpd is running as eprints.eprints? Anyway, the eprints3 folder owned by eprints, group eprints. I also rebooted my server after I changed "selinux = permissive" (/etc/selinux/config), but nothing happened. 
> Other than that, is there any settings I have to change to make my eprints accessible? 
> On Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 7:17 AM, Mark Gregson <mark.gregson at qut.edu.au> wrote:
>> I would guess either httpd conf problem or permissions. 
>> Is httpd ru

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