[EP-tech] Workflows other than default

Gilles Fournié gilles.fournie at cirad.fr
Tue Mar 18 10:12:40 GMT 2014


For our project, we will need to redefine the document workflow. It will 
be based on 4 or 5 types of users and about 20 document types.

I would prefer *not* to describe all the workflow in only one file 
I know we can create different workflow files. But I have not managed to 
find how to use these workflow files.

Let us say we have a workflow "workflows/eprint/article.xml".

  * How can we use this file ? Is there a config file to reference it ?
    Or has its name to be given through an url parameter ?

Another functionality which could be helpful would be to be able to 
"include" sub-workflows into a main workflow. I think about something 
like "<Include workflow=article.xml />". Is it possible ?


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