[EP-tech] Re: EPrints 3.3.12 Installation (from source)

Gilles Fournié gilles.fournie at cirad.fr
Wed Mar 5 18:33:29 GMT 2014


Apache runs as eprints user and the files belong to that same user.
As for SE-linux, I don't think so, but I'll check.

Anyway, my intent was not exactly to debug the Eprints code...
I'm pretty sure that something went wrong with my configuration at some 
But as I tried a lot ot things (various reinstalls), I was trying to 
find in the code some clues which could have helped me figure where the 
misconfiguration problem lays.

Now, I think that I'm going to waste my time (and yours !) at insisting 
to find what is misconfigured.
It is probably better to go back to were I started... Tomorrow, I will 
ask the system team to reload the initial snapshot of our system so I 
will be able to redo the EPrints install from the beginning.

Thanks for your help, Jan and Sébastien.


 > Hi Gilles,
 > Given all the errors you're getting, I would look into a
 > misconfiguration rather than trying to debug code.
 > Have you checked that:
 > - apache is running as the 'eprints' user and that your file-system is
 > also set to 'eprints:eprints' (or whatever user/group as long as the
 > set-up is consistent)?
 > - SE-linux isn't getting in your way?
 > ^^ those are common issues on first installs.
 > Seb.
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