[EP-tech] Re: Simple search - length of query

Jan Ploski jpl at plosquare.com
Wed Mar 5 12:19:53 GMT 2014

Could it be that you're missing some essential indexes on eprint__rindex?

Your example query is very hard on my 3.0.5 database while it returns
quickly on 3.3.12. The difference is that the eprint__rindex primary key
in 3.3.12 consists of (field, word, eprintid) and there is also a
non-unique index on (eprintid, field). In the 3.0.5 database I only have
a non-unique index on eprintid.

John Salter wrote:
> Hi,
> Yesterday we had a bit of an issue with our repository when someone pasted a full citation into the simple search box.
> This produced an impressive SQL query that locked things up and made users unhappy...
> Is there a way to sanitise what a 'simple' search might try to handle? e.g. would restricting it to a certain number of words be acceptable?
> Would the Xapian search handle a request like the one below any better?
> Details below/attached if you're interested!
> Cheers,
> John
> GET /cgi/search/simple?full=%E2%80%98Families%2C+Domesticity+and+Intimacy%3A+Changing+Relationships+in+Changi
> ng+Times%E2%80%99%2C+in+Richardson%2C+D%2C+and+Robinson%2C+V.+%28eds%29+Introducing+Women%27s+Studies%2C+third+edition.+Basingstoke%3A+Palgrave%2C+2008+pp.+1
> 25-143.+&_action_search=Search&_order=bytitle&basic_srchtype=ALL&_satisfyall=ALL
> searchexp created in cache table:
> 0|1|-date/creators_name/title|archive|-|full:abstract/creators_name/date/documents/title:ALL:IN:▒Families, Domesticity and Intimacy%3A Changing Relationships in Changing Times▒, in Richardson, D, and Robinson, V. (eds) Introducing Women's Studies, third edition. Basingstoke%3A Palgrave, 2008 pp. 125-143. |-|eprint_status:eprint_status:ANY:EQ:archive|metadata_visibility:metadata_visibility:ANY:EQ:show
> The SQL generated by search is attached (get ready for this - it's a thing of beauty ;o) - you can see why it took a while to run!
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