[EP-tech] Eprints password activation email does not have the activation link for gmail users

Luxmore Chiwuta chiwutal at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 08:21:55 BST 2014

When users register using gmail it the system is sending them an activation
email without an activation link. I have tested it on platforms like yahoo
and webmail and its send the email with the activation link. How do i solve
the problem. I have pasted the emai being received in gmail below

Password Activation

Dear User,

Thank you for your interest in National Research Database.

You now need to activate your password. This will expire in 1 week.

Your username is: *test*.

After you have successfully confirmed your password, you can deposit/submit
publications/research materials here.

Once you have confirmed your identity you may also subscribe to the email
alerts service, to be automatically informed of new submissions in the
Research Database in your chosen subject areas in a daily, weekly or
monthly digest.

Have your username and password ready when visiting any of the above pages.

This message was generated automatically by software. If you have any
questions, then please feel free to email a real person at:

chiwutal at gmail.com


 Luxmore Chiwuta (Mr)

Research Council Of Zimbabwe
11 Stafford Road
Mt Pleasant
Alternative Email lchiwuta at rcz.ac.zw <E-mail%3Alchiwuta at rcz.ac.zw>
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