[EP-tech] Re: Search oddities

Sebastien Francois sf2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Jun 17 16:36:34 BST 2014

Also watch out that the simple search is configured to use Xapian and 
the other searches (eg. the advanced search) to use the internal search 
(MySQL). This could lead to different results, which is not very good, I 


On 17/06/14 16:42, Jan Ploski wrote:
> The first thing I'd check if whether it is related to stemming or stop
> words filtering controlled by cfg.d/indexing.pl.
> For example, we've had a case where a user was unable to find an item
> with "GNSS" in title because they entered "gnss" and indexing.pl
> converted that search term to "gns" assuming that the "s" at the end is
> plural. :-/
> So examine the general_log of MySQL queries executed when you perform a
> search for the missing item - check whether they contain any
> suspiciously "malformed" conditions.

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