[EP-tech] Re: large-scale repositories?

Yuri yurj at alfa.it
Mon Jun 9 09:53:05 BST 2014

Il 09/06/2014 10:09, Ian Stuart ha scritto:
> Are there any large-scale EPrints repos out there?
> (by large scale, I mean 100,000+ accessible records)

we've about 40.000 record in two repository (with 10.000 record with 
full text)

I think the big problem is in Apache delivery files (also you've to tune 
it for Perl and both static content...), there should be a away to serve 
files without using perl, or in a minimal way. Another big problem is 
updating views, takes a lot of time and I had to disable some of the 
because it takes ages (days) do regenerate/update the view.

The site is often at load 1, 1.5, most of the time serving pdfs outside. 
It works but not perfect.

> The database technology will cope with up to 2 million records, but I
> don't think the rest of EPrints will cope :D
> ... but what's in use, in practice?

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