[EP-tech] Upgrading a server

Mark Muldoon M.Muldoon at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Jul 21 22:41:05 BST 2014

Dear All,

Back in the autumn of 2005 I set up a pre-print server running EPrints
It has a few extra fields and various modifications to the stock distribution to
accommodate these, but it is mainly a standard-issue print installation.
We’re getting some new hardware and so I’d like to upgrade the software
too and so I could do with some advice about the best approach. My current plan
is to upgrade in two steps: -> 3.1.3 with the Migration Tooolkit, followed by
3.1.3 -> 3.3.12.

(1) Is this s sensible course?
(2) When is EPrints 4 expected and how much work will it be to upgrade an EPrints 3 repository?

Mark Muldoon

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