[EP-tech] Browse view by document language.

Jacob Wenzel jw at energiakademiet.dk
Thu Jul 17 09:58:54 BST 2014

I want to create a new browse view based by document language, but I 
can't figure out what field to call, and I can't find any references in 
the documentation. I keep getting variations of the error: Dataset 
eprint does not have a field 'language'

My code looks like this:

                id => "doclang",
                 menus => [
                 fields => [ "language" ],
                         new_column_at => [10,10],
             order => "-date/title",
              variations => [
             "DEFAULT" ],

I have also tried document.language, and a few other options, that 
seemed logical.

Which field should I call? I found an old thread on the subject with a 
hack that might work, but the thread also mentioned, that the feature 
was on the road map, so I guess it would be implemented by know.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

*Med venlig hilsen/Best regards*


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