[EP-tech] Re: IRstats vs IRstats2

raffaele messuti raffaele.messuti at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 09:18:01 BST 2014

Paolo Tealdi wrote:
> After a quite simple installation and a not so long reindexing time (seems to be quicker than IRStat), i found that IRstats2 "counts" downloads
> in a different way than IRstats.  Specifically download numbers seem to be higher in IRStats2 than IRstats.
> Is it possible? Are they starting from different ideas from what they think to be a "single download" ?
> In this case, when i will put it in production, i've to declare that the old and new software have different counting approach ...

ciao Paolo,
i think is something about the double clicks counting.

in irstats1 what setting do you have for repeats_filter_timeout?
the default is 1 day:
#repeat timeout in seconds (the amount of time there needs to be between
two hits for second hit to be recorded).
#initially set to 60*60*24 = 1 day
repeats_filter_timeout = 86400

in eprints2 the default setting is 1 hour:

a few months ago i asked about compliance with projectcounter (that
suggest 10sec):



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