[EP-tech] Re: html is shown when user hovers on preview links

Bob Stevens stevens at library.umass.edu
Tue Jul 15 17:53:07 BST 2014

I had this same problem, and fixed it by modifying the render_preview_link subroutine to just not 
display that "title" attribute (which appears when you hover over the "Preview" link.

The file path is:

sub render_preview_link
         if( defined $url )
                 my $link = $self->{session}->make_element( "a",
                                 rel=>"lightbox$set nofollow",
                                 # incorrect html displayed in title attribute
                                 # title=>EPrints::XML::to_string($caption),
                 $link->appendChild( $self->{session}->html_phrase( "lib/document:preview" ) );
                 $f->appendChild( $link );

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> Subject: [EP-tech]  html is shown when user hovers on preview links
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> I have been trying to solve this problem in my repository for a while
> now, but now I see that the official EPrints demo has the same behaviour.
> Try hovering on the preview link of any eprint in the demo, ie:
> http://demoprints.eprints.org/25/
> You will see the html for some kind of citation, but it is not rendering.
> What is actually supposed to happen, and how do I fix it?

Bob Stevens
Web Database Developer
Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing
University of Massachusetts Amherst
stevens at library.umass.edu

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