[EP-tech] query regd. hostname

Archana Nanda ananda at thapar.edu
Wed Jul 2 08:54:50 BST 2014

Dear All

We are in process of establishing e-prints server for research article
repository. We are new to Ubuntu anyhow installed and configured e-prints 3
on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Some of values we specified are:
server name (in hostname file): eprints
repository name: ar
host name in repository settings.: ar.localdomain

1. Now the problem is it's accessible at ar.localdomain on the same server
and not outside with static ip say n.n.n.n and pointing ar.localdomain in
hosts file.

2. Even new logins are not being generated i.e. I think mail is not
working. We don't have own institutional mail server but our server is
hosted at gmail.

please guide

Archana Nanda
Information Scientist,
Nava Nalanda Central Library,
Thapar University, Patiala.
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