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John Salter J.Salter at leeds.ac.uk
Tue Feb 18 12:23:19 GMT 2014

Hi Andrew,
I have an xpage on our server that tries to demonstrate the item request process - including the phrases used in emails.
I've attached a copy - but we me have phrases/pins that you don't - so expect to tinker with it!

If you save it to: ~/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/lang/en/static/requests.xpage you *should* be able to see it at http://your-repo.org/requests.html
You can see our output here:

If you can't view the page, check the apache error logs - there will probably be something helpful in there.

If any of the phrases have pins in them, you have to set them using an epc:param e.g.
<epc:param name='title'>THIS IS THE TITLE</epc:param>

There was a bug with phrase handling/params in xpages in earlier releases of EPrints (can't remember which version it was fixed in - possibly 3.3.11 or 3.3.12), that meant that any whitespace in the phrase/params XML would cause the xpage to break.
Setting the phrase out nicely is broken:
<epc:phrase ref="request/request_email:body">
    <epc:param name="eprint">Thesis title link</epc:param>
    <epc:param name="document">Document</epc:param>
    <epc:param name="requester">requester at email</epc:param>
    <epc:param name="reason">The reason specified</epc:param>

Running it all into one line is OK:
<epc:phrase ref="request/request_email:body"><epc:param name="eprint">Thesis title link</epc:param><epc:param name="document">Document</epc:param><epc:param name="requester">requester at email</epc:param><epc:param name="reason">The reason specified</epc:param></epc:phrase>

Hope that helps!

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Hello! I think I’m getting to grips with the way EPrints plugs together. My next question is related to “result pages”, for example, if someone requests a copy of a document and the owner of the document receives this request by email. When they click on the “approve request” link, they are taken to a page which is generated based on the request token. Is there any way of getting to that page outside of this email loop so that, for example, we can make typo changes and check them in a test environment?


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