[EP-tech] How to customize the organisation structure ('Division') in views.pl

Fotsing, Jean Lazare JeanLazare.Fotsing at iaf.inrs.ca
Fri Feb 14 21:57:21 GMT 2014

Hi all,

The code section below (from views.pl)  has been used for a while to disclose our organization structure (please, see capture 1).
However, as you can see on this capture,  I am  no longer interested in having such a presentation.

Here is why :

          Let's consider the number of documents shown on the top level, that is Liste des centres (203);

          Now, adding the counts (number of documents) of the second levels (subjects) leads
             to 203 ( Centre Eau Terre Environnement (186) + Centre INRS Armand-Frappier (4)+ Centre Urbanisation Culture et Société (13) =  203);

          However,  adding the number of documents displayed inside each of the above subject (Centre...) does not provide the right resulting number.
           At this level,  this stupid result is quite correct. This is simply due to the fact that some documents (e.g.: articles, etc.) are not displayed here.

          Question : Is it possible to bypass this default display in order to get betteer results in the two following ways :

1-      By hiding  the third level subject (Doctorat....,Matrise....) (see capture 2);

2-      By hiding both the top level and the second level, in such a way to see only results under the given Doctorat.... and Matrise....sections

What has to be changed in the above code. Could some angel let me know if such a display strategy this is possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.


                id => "divisions",
                menus => [
                               fields => [ "divisions" ],
                               hideempty => 1,
                               fields => [ "date;res=year" ],
                               reverse_order => 1,
                               allow_null => 1,
                               hideempty => 1,
                order => "creators_name/title",
                include => 1,
                       variations => [

Capture 0

[cid:image001.png at 01CF299F.CCAB21E0]
Capture 1

[cid:image002.png at 01CF299F.CCAB21E0]

Capture 2

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