[EP-tech] Re: remove "request a copy"

Sebastien Francois sf2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Feb 5 14:15:09 GMT 2014


By editing archives/<id>/cfg/citations/eprint/summary_page.xml, you can 
remove (or comment out) the block that displays request a copy altogether.

     <epc:if test="length($docs) = 0">
       <epc:phrase ref="page:nofulltext" />
       <epc:if test="$item.contact_email().is_set() and eprint_status = 
href="{$config{http_cgiurl}}/request_doc?eprintid={eprintid}"><epc:phrase ref="request:button" 


On 05/02/14 14:07, stof999 at cmdt.ch wrote:
> hello
> we imported some 36000 publications from a foreign system into our
> eprint (boris.unibe.ch) repository, using a special import user as
> depositing user.
> in the foreign system were no full text stored, so the imported eprint
> also do not have a full text.
> now there are a lot of "request a copy" demands for this eprints,
> which we can't support. so we like to remove the "request a copy" link
> for this eprint, doing this by remove the email adress for the import
> user.
> according to the source code there should no "request" link be showed
> when there is no contact_email AND no email of the depositing user.
> but the request link will now only be removed when the eprint is
> edited and stored.
> is there a way to force this change?
> thanks a lot.
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