[EP-tech] problem with DB query for view

Matthew Kerwin matthew.kerwin at qut.edu.au
Mon Dec 22 02:20:17 GMT 2014

Hi folks,


We have two multiple compound fields: "creators" and "editors", with

.         name (type=name)

.         id (type=text)

.         . etc.


The ids are sparsely assigned (used to identify contributors associated with
our institution.)


We also have a view "person", with a single menu:


       allow_null => 0,
       menus => [{

              fields => [ "creators_id", "editors_id" ],

              new_column_at => [1, 1],

              mode => "sections",

              open_first_section => 1,

              group_range_function =>

              grouping_function =>



The problem is that, since upgrading from 3.2 to 3.3, the view includes a
subset of those creators/editors who don't have an id.


I tracked through the code and found that it's generating the correct UNION
statement (effectively: select from eprint_creators_id where creators_id!=''
UNION select from eprint_editors_id where editors_id!=''), however for each
field it's then wrapping the union in a distinctby (select creators_id from
(UNION); select editors_id from (UNION)). Of course, the union returns
everything with either a creators_id or an editors_id, so both of those
distinctby queries includes some null ids. Thus, the first section in the
view menu is "?" with a link to the user "NULL.html" who has several
thousand EPrints.


This is a bug, but I'm not quite sure how to turn it into a bug report on
github. In the meantime, has anybody else come across this sort of issue?
Are there any known fixes or workarounds?  I have a potential hack ready to
get us by, but I'd prefer something a bit less klugey.




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