[EP-tech] Re: Latest Additions

Sebastian Nozzi sebastian.nozzi at ist.ac.at
Fri Aug 8 13:27:26 BST 2014

Hi Enio,
Hi Sebastien,

thanks for your help and suggestions.

I was scared about the output of "latest_tool?n=5&mainonly=yes" when 
looking at it in a separate window. But it turns out, in the context of 
an already existing page it was exactly what I needed.

At the end, I solved it like this:

--- 8< ----------------------------

<h1 class="ep_tm_pagetitle" style="text-align: left">Latest Uploads</h1>
<div id="latest_uploads" style="margin-top: 1em"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
   var onSuccess = function(html) {
     var target = jQuery("#latest_uploads");
   var url = "cgi/latest_tool?n=5&mainonly=yes";
   jQuery.get(url, {}).done(onSuccess);

--- 8< ----------------------------


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