[EP-tech] Re: Editable eprints behind firewall with read-only copy in the DMZ

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Fri Apr 18 06:22:02 BST 2014

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hi dan

we made once (3.x ?) a proof-of-concept with 3 EP repository, each on
a own virtual maschine and in different networks.

1st repo was for ingest.
with cron the ingested item where exported (ep-xml) and imported in
2th repo by bash scripts.

2th repo was dlza with very restriced access

3th repo was public: items worthily for public were marked in 2th repo
and also by cron copied to 3th.

it was working but:
since we used ep-xml-with-embedded-full-text for import/export, adding
an item in repo 3 blows up the ep-item-history with the binary code of
the fulltext. and also when there where any modification on 2th repo,
the changed metadata + the full text again was added in the
ep-item-history on repo 3.

after soon the history couldn't be used because of the hugh data was send
and as i remember, the proof-of-concept was abandoned

i would be interested to know the best way to copy items from one
ep-repo to an other ep-repo.


On 17.04.2014 17:55, Stieneke, Dan wrote:
> Currently we have only one eprints server. It exists to share our 
> research, so only employees should modify it, but since it’s
> exposed to the world in the DMZ, the possibility exists it could be
> tampered with.
> I’ll be upgrading hardware / OS / eprints soon anyway, and I’m 
> considering setting up a primary eprints server behind the
> firewall where it can’t be touched by the outside world, and
> pushing updates or synchronizations to a secondary eprints server
> in the DMZ that is publicly accessible.
> This way, if our eprints server gets tampered with, our “real” data
> is safe.
> Is anybody else doing this? I’d like to hear your experience /
> caveats / pitfalls / advice.
> Thanks,
> Dan Stieneke
> IT Specialist
> 3793 N 3600 E
> Kimberly, ID 83341
> 208/423-6519
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