[EP-tech] Re: Possible Bug? Sort order in browse views. (in 3.3.10)

Betsy Coles bcoles at library.caltech.edu
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We hadn't noticed this, but you're quite right about the two separate sort sequences, one following the other.  It looks to me like initial articles ("A", "An", "The") are being correctly ignored in both sequences; the difference is that the first significant word in each title in the first sequence begins with an uppercase letter, while the titles in the second sequence begin with a lowercase letter.  And all uppercase letters A-Z sort before all lowercase a-z.  This is easier to see on the Caltech page you link to, since there are more entries.

So whatever is creating the sort keys is correctly removing initial articles but failing to normalize case. I've had a quick look and can't find the code that creates the sort keys (it's past midnight here) -- will look some more in the morning.

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Hi All,

An academic has noted that the papers in their browse view aren’t being listed in the correct order… eg (http://eprints.usq.edu.au/view/uniqueauthor/141.html within 2013, there are 2 at the bottom starting with ‘A’).  My initial thoughts were I had fudged something while I was reworking the AuthorID code into the browse 3.3.10 framework.  I checked http://authors.library.caltech.edu/view/year/1930.html as well, as they have a stock standard install of 3.3.10 and its happening there as well.

There appear to be two sorted lists that get stacked together…..
The first list is sorted correctly,
The second list contains titles that start with “A”, “An”, “The” which are sorted in the correct order (if you ignore the “A”, “An”, “The” at the front..)

Has anyone else noticed this?



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