[EP-tech] RoMEO autocomplete

Gilles Fournié gilles.fournie at cirad.fr
Thu Apr 10 18:05:07 BST 2014


We would like to add an autocompletion for the journal fields.

As explained in the Wiki page 
we have downloaded and used the file found at 

The solution works well.

But we realized that the file romeo_journals.autocomplete is old. Its 
date is Jan 19, 2009. Of course, we checked its content and we noticed 
that journals we can find on the Sherpa/RoMEO website are not in the 
file. So, it seems it has not been updated for a while.

Does anybody know if there is a plan to update it ? Or if we can find 
another one elsewhere ?

Thank you,
Best regards
Gilles Fournié

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