[EP-tech] IRStats Report generate not updated

Izamri Ismail izamri.ismail at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 03:24:29 BST 2013

Dear All,

I recently install IRStats 1.0.3 plugin into my EPrints 3.3.11.
Following the INSTALL instructions I manage to install it and make it run
in the EPrints.

However after several testing it looks like the data generated from the
report are not updated. (done testing, adding several new item but its not
showing in the report).
Will generate either "None" or in the report have this "OOPS: eprint
<NUMBER> missing full_citation!" (usually use Simple Analyses: TopTwenty

Got many data issue here but this is for now rather then explaining in

Can you advise on this issue?

Appreciate your reply.

Thanks in advance.


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