[EP-tech] Re: EPrints and jQuery

Sebastien Francois sf2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Oct 14 13:06:14 BST 2013

Yup I agree Jan.

I'll be setting up a site for eprints devs/dev talks soonish, where we 
can elaborate/make decisions on such development points.


On 14/10/13 12:27, Jan Ploski wrote:
> jQuery - yes, please.
> One thing that comes to mind is that it has a much nicer, working and
> more customizable autocomplete widget. I've had to fight against bugs in
> the Prototype version included in EPrints 3.0.5 (incompatibilities with
> different browsers with resulting strange layout problems).
> But the main thrust is that "everyone" uses jQuery (UI), but not so many
> people use Prototype today, which makes EPrints look not so
> developer-friendly from the inside out:
> http://www.google.com/trends/explore?q=jquery#q=prototype%2C%20jquery&cmpt=q
> sf2 wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> EPrints has been using the Prototype JS library since version 3 - at the
>> time there was as many good reasons to use Prototype than to use jQuery
>> but now it seems that the latter has been more widely adopted.
>> Migrating to jQuery is not simple. Most if not all the EPrints
>> javascript extensions rely on Prototype one way or another, as well as a
>> number of core UI components/plug-ins so a migration would mean
>> re-writing many core components and it would also break some of your
>> custom code.
>> However using jQuery comes with many advantages including jQuery UI and
>> its widely used UI components (read http://jqueryui.com/ for more
>> information) and it would make sense to move towards jQuery in the next
>> major/long-term release of EPrints.
>> What are your views about this potential move?
>> Seb.
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