[EP-tech] CRIS and org_units

András Micsik andras.micsik at sztaki.mta.hu
Thu Oct 10 07:49:24 BST 2013


   I successfully installed the CRIS extension, I think it is very useful. 
However it is not really clear what should be in the org_units data structure.
On the summary page, org_units entries appear as Funders.
When I have to edit an org_unit, I need to define Research Activities and 
Keywords, which are not really meaningful in case of a funder (take FP7 for 
If I take org_unit as a unit preparing the paper/data, then it has a collision 
with the Divisions field.
So what do you think the purpose or semantics these records have?

BTW: the org_unit Completion Date means the date when the unit ceased to exist?

best regards,

András Micsik, MTA SZTAKI

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