[EP-tech] EPrints and jQuery

sf2 sf2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Oct 7 16:23:01 BST 2013

Hi all, 

EPrints has been using the Prototype JS library since version 3
- at the time there was as many good reasons to use Prototype than to use
jQuery but now it seems that the latter has been more widely adopted.

Migrating to jQuery is not simple. Most if not all the EPrints javascript
extensions rely on Prototype one way or another, as well as a number of
core UI components/plug-ins so a migration would mean re-writing many core
components and it would also break some of your custom code. 

using jQuery comes with many advantages including jQuery UI and its widely
used UI components (read http://jqueryui.com/ [1] for more information) and
it would make sense to move towards jQuery in the next major/long-term
release of EPrints. 

What are your views about this potential move?


[1] http://jqueryui.com/
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