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Sandy Mcfadden sandy.mcfadden at acadiau.ca
Fri Nov 22 15:55:37 GMT 2013

Is there a MePrints widget for IRStats2 as of yet?

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Just sayin',  there's IRStats2 > https://github.com/eprints/irstats2


On 22/11/13 14:19, Sandy Mcfadden wrote:
Just thought I'd pass this along as it may help someone someday.

I just installed ePrints for the first time and was trying to install IRStats as well.
Everything seemed to go well but when I tried to visit the /cgi/irstats.cgi page it couldn't be displayed.

I checked the apache logs and chart director was erroring saying undefined symbol.

I downloaded the latest ChartDirector for perl and overwrote the files and now everything is working well.


Sandy McFadden

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