[EP-tech] error on /cgi/users/home

Aslam Jarwar aslam.jarwar at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 22 10:19:18 GMT 2013

Hi All,

when I click login page , browser shows internal error 500 and apache error_log 
shows AH00027: No authentication done but request not allowed without 
authentication for /cgi/users/home. Authentication not configured?.

following is my configuration

Fedora 19 core
eprint 3.2
apache httpd 2.4.6
mysql 5

and vhost for users directory is

 <Directory "/opt/eprints3/cgi/users">
    AuthName "User Area"
    AuthType "Basic"
    PerlAuthenHandler EPrints::Apache::Auth::authen
    PerlAuthzHandler EPrints::Apache::Auth::authz
    require valid-user
    PerlHandler ModPerl::Registry
    PerlSendHeader Off
    Options ExecCGI FollowSymLinks

Kindly help me

Student of Information Sciences 
Qauid-i-Azam university Islamabad Pakistan
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