[EP-tech] Re: Help open for just one field among publication details workflow

M.D.Mcfarlane at lse.ac.uk M.D.Mcfarlane at lse.ac.uk
Tue Nov 19 10:07:29 GMT 2013

HI Seb/John,

Thanks for all this. It confirms what I found out.

Maybe it's something to add to the wishlist for eprints 4.

There are more and more staff adding records to repositories here and it would be great to be able to easily highlight information/changes/recommendations at point of creation of records.



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On 18/11/13 15:45, Sebastien Francois wrote:
So it works at the component level:

<component show_help="always"><field ref="note"/></component>

And you can't have <component collapse="yes">... at the same time.

Well the above is not true, does work with collapse='yes'.

But it won't work at the <field> level that's for sure.


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