[EP-tech] Announcement: EPrints Forums

Sebastien Francois sf2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Nov 13 15:45:20 GMT 2013

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to announce you ... the EPrints Forums (for developers)!

The EP-Tech mailing-list is a good place to seek for help to 
install/configure the problem and even to report bugs. But it is not an 
appropriate tool to have in-depth conversations about, for instance, new 
features for the software. So I have decided to set-up a forum where 
people can ask questions, bring ideas or make announcements (you will 
see there are different post categories).

Important note: the forum DOES NOT replace the EP-Tech mailing-list. 
This is a complimentary tool.

*What is it for?*

To discuss new features/ideas/directions for EPrints. The forum aims to 
discuss ideas around the development of the software only at this stage.

** To discuss installation/configuration problems, please keep on using 
the mailing-list **

*How can I use it?*

The forum is open to everybody - you don't need to sign up to post but I 
highly encourage to -at least- sign in with your Google/Facebook/Yahoo 
account to keep a trace of who's starting a conversation.

You may also vote on posts - a useful way to view popular issues/features.

*Where is it?*

http://forum.eprints.org/ will redirect you to the forum.

*What happens next?*

I will be setting-up some extra forums in the near future to allow more 
narrowed-down topics (e.g. a divide between short-term and long-term 

I am also in the process of setting up some extra resources for developers:

- a centralised web-site to easily find information about the API, 
HowTo's, etc.
- a few pages describing the current road-maps for the short-term 
release (3.3.13) and the long-term release (4)

I hope this forum to complement these activities especially the election 
of new features for the upcoming releases.


I'm currently the only moderator. Abusive/spam/dodgy posts will be 
deleted without warning.

I hope you will find this useful and don't be shy to bring your ideas 
forward :-)

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