[EP-tech] indexer/tokenizer config

Matthew Kerwin matthew.kerwin at qut.edu.au
Tue Nov 12 00:28:05 GMT 2013

Hi EPrints world,


I was having a look at the prevalence of the common typo "seperator" (for
"separator") in EPrints trunk, and discovered that
perl_lib/EPrints/Index/Tokenizer.pm defines a hashref
$EPrints::Index::FREETEXT_SEPERATOR_CHARS which is almost exactly the same
as the config value $c->{indexing}->{freetext_seperator_chars} in
cfg.d/indexing.pl, however the former includes an extra character, and I
can't work out how either of them are referenced (if at all) in the


Could someone provide some clarification here on which is used where/how,
and how they could be cleaned up or better integrated?




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