[EP-tech] OAI harvest in 3.3.12

Ranju Upadhyay Ranju.Upadhyay at nuim.ie
Wed Nov 6 10:05:24 GMT 2013

Hi List,


I need to add a new meatdata format  for oai harvesting . The meatadata is
basically DC with slight modification and called RIAN_DC (to confirm with
Ireland's national portal for oai harvesting http://www.rian.ie/) in the
previous versions we had achieved this by creating a plugin in which we did:


Created two files called 





At ......./perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/Export/


The OAI_RIAN_DC.pm was based on OAI_DC.pm except for the name change and in
OAI_RIAN_Export.pm we had defined our export format.


And within oai.pl I had simply added a new metadata format as


"rian_dc" => "OAI_RIAN_DC"


Along with other formats.


All of this had allowed us to expose our metadata in our format called
"rian_dc" which would then be harvested by rian.ie.


I am trying to do the same in 3.3.12 and that does not quite work. One thing
I noticed is , the oai.pl file used to have a list of metadata name and
description which seem to have been changed so I tried to add mine as
{custom_sets} but that did not work either.


Can I get some help  please?



Ranju Upadhyay

National University of Ireland Maynooth.

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