[EP-tech] Attribute options in field element - Eprint workflow

Lourdes Calvo Montero lcalvom at pas.ucm.es
Fri May 31 12:55:04 BST 2013

Hi, I have a named set field “Area de conocimiento” with some options.

I´m trying to get two different views for that field  in the eprint
workflow,  depending of the type of user editing that eprint.

If the usertype is ‘user’  the edit view must only display default value
(SinAsignar), otherwise the edit view of that field must be complete.

Here are the lines I have written in the eprint workflow default.xml

<stage name="local">



         <epc:when test=" $item{userid}.as_item(){usertype} = 'user'">

            <field ref="Area de conocimiento" options="SinAsignar"/>



          <field ref="Area de conocimiento" />





It works well in  the case user and editor create a new element each.

But when a user deposit one element, and the editor  review it and edit
that element, the field does not display all the options of the namedset,
just “SinAsignar”.

What am I doing wrong?



Lourdes Calvo Montero

Servicios Informáticos

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Edificio del Real Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII

Avda. Complutense s/n

28040 Madrid

Teléfono: 91 394-7119

email: lcalvom at pas.ucm.es
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