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John Salter J.Salter at leeds.ac.uk
Thu May 23 10:21:50 BST 2013

This does sound like a proxy issue.
>From the server (on the command-line), as the user that Apache runs as, try doing a 'wget http://bazaar.eprints.org' - to see if that works.
If the patch has been applied, but the http_proxy setting isn't getting set within Apache environment (Apache isn't using a login-shell!), then it still won't work.
I can't remember the specifics of how to get it working, but this may help:
http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/env.html (or a similar page for the version of Apache you're using),


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We are running eprints 3 for "evaluation" with a view to migrating from our current commercial software.

It's a bit tricky as I am liaising through our IT services so settings etc can be a bit opaque. Anyway, when I try to connect to the Bazaar from Admin -> System tools I get the error message below:

An error occurred while talking to the EPM source EPrints Bazaar (http://bazaar.eprints.org/): http://bazaar.eprints.org/cgi/search?q=&output=EPMI 500 Can't connect to bazaar.eprints.org:80 (connect: Connection timed out)

My colleague is pretty sure it's "a proxy thing" and found info that said a recent patch now enables it to use the environment variables to set proxy - he's done that but it didn't seem to help. If anyone is able to offer further info that would be helpful otherwise he'll need to open a hole in the site firewall but will need authorisation for that.



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