[EP-tech] Re: IRStats filter for fulltext

prakash at ias.ernet.in prakash at ias.ernet.in
Thu May 9 17:33:02 BST 2013

> Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 09:57:24 +1000
> From: Mark Gregson <mark.gregson at qut.edu.au>
> I believe you need need to remove the AbstractFilter from the filter 
> chain built in IRStats::CLI::update_table (is that what you did?). Note 
> that old data won't be processed unless drop or remove all data from the 
> irs_* tables.
> I might have missed something because I'm looking at our code which has 
> been modified a bit.
> A warning: we experimented with including abstract accesses in IRStats 
> data but it added too much data and the processing times became 
> unacceptable.

Thanks, Mark. I did drop IRS tables and then ran update_metadata and 
update_table, and now the IRStats access table has abstract accesses too. 
But yes, the processing takes much longer.


N. A. Prakash
Indian Academy of Sciences

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> I want to get IRStats to pull fulltext _and_ abstract accesses from the 
> Eprints access table into the IRStats access table. I commented out the 
> relevant lines in .../perl_lib/IRStats/CLI/update_table.pm.
> After running
> irstats.cgi archiveid update_metadata
> and
> irstats.cgi archiveid update_table,
> I find that the IRS access table still has only fulltext entries.

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