[EP-tech] Simple Repository deposit

David Kane DKANE at wit.ie
Sat May 4 15:59:31 BST 2013

Hi All,

The process of EPrints repository deposit through other applications is not straightforward even with SWORD.  Especially with SWORD, it sometimes seems.  So we cut through the Gordian Knot with our own sword.

It seems as though many people have been facing a similar challenge to our own, where they merely wish to give staff the ability to make deposits into an EPrints repository through a website.  Therefore, Tommy Ingulfsen, (of Cal. Tech. Library) and I have been working on a PHP wrapper class, designed to make remote EPrint deposit through PHP trivial.  And it does that.  It implements parts of the standard protocol, in combination with some uniquely EPrints capabilities (the CRUD API).

Because it is a encapsulated in just a single class, is should be should be matter of plug-and-play to incorporate into the CodeIgniter or other PHP famework/CMS.

The first version (Alpha!) is available now, for you to download: https://github.com/davidfkane/eprintsDepositHelper/

Please feel free to kick it about.  Be aware though that it is still in alpha-release and will be subject to refinements and extensions, as and when we get time to work on it.


David Kane, WIT;  Tommy Ingulfsen, Caltech;
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