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Hi Seb

Thanks very much for your help.


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On 24/06/13 14:11, clyde.cerejo at id.uzh.ch wrote:
Hi Seb 

Yes a user could be an IP Address. I suppose no other identifying 
information such as usernames etc are sent. Please correct me if Im wrong. 

The IP of the request is kept in the 'access' database table. Nothing is 

As per what you say, only aggregates of country data is sent to the 
browser for rendering using the google component, which would mean that it 
is not possible to identify individual users. Please confirm. Then it 
would be probably be ok for us. However, I still need to discuss this 

That's correct. As I wrote earlier, the IP is converted to a country code 
(e.g. FR) and that is stored locally in one of IRStats2 database tables.

If you used a table (like the top 10 requesting countries) then the info 
is rendered outside Google altogether.


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