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Sebastien Francois sf2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Jun 24 14:34:39 BST 2013


On 24/06/13 14:11, clyde.cerejo at id.uzh.ch wrote:
> Hi Seb
> Yes a user could be an IP Address. I suppose no other identifying 
> information such as usernames etc are sent. Please correct me if Im 
> wrong.

The IP of the request is kept in the 'access' database table. Nothing is 

> As per what you say, only aggregates of country data is sent to the 
> browser for rendering using the google component, which would mean 
> that it is not possible to identify individual users. Please confirm. 
> Then it would be probably be ok for us. However, I still need to 
> discuss this internally.

That's correct. As I wrote earlier, the IP is converted to a country 
code (e.g. FR) and that is stored locally in one of IRStats2 database 

If you used a table (like the top 10 requesting countries) then the info 
is rendered outside Google altogether.


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