[EP-tech] error message on navigation menu

smal at ccmb.res.in smal at ccmb.res.in
Fri Jun 21 13:57:21 BST 2013


the eprints repository is 3.2.7 which was running satisfactorily so far but suddenly due to unknown reasons, it starts throw error message on navigation button stating that "template/navaigation:home not defined, template/navigation:about not defined, bin/generate_views:indextitleprefix not defined, viewname_eprint_year not defined" etc on all over the navigational menus.

Then, I had attempted to reload the repository through console wherein the series of error messages are thrown on the screen stating that "undefined phrase: bin/generate_views:indextitleprefix.... etc..

Has any of these forum users come across such a situation, if so, please share your experinece and remedies to troubleshoot this error messages so that I can put back the normal operation of our repository. 

Thanks in advance.

with regards
S Mahalingam

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