[EP-tech] Re: How are the databases defined?

Sebastien Francois sf2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Jun 13 16:34:46 BST 2013

Hi Ian,

They're defined by MetaField/Counter.pm - by default its ISA is 
MetaField/Int, perhaps change this to MetaField/BigInt

Otherwise look for get_sql_type() in MetaField/*


On 13/06/13 15:58, Ian Stuart wrote:
> I have a need to slightly redefined the database fields in an future
> EPrint build.... I need to change the various counters & indexes to be
> "BIGINT"s rather than "INT"s (I need more than 2 million eprintids, for
> example)
> I can see a way to fudge setting the constant "INTEGER" to be a BigInt
> field... but I'm not sure I want to make *all* integer fields BigInts
> How/Where are they defined?
> (EP 3.2, if it makes a difference)

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