[EP-tech] eprints problem

Shaharom Nizam Mohamed nizam.mohamed at mmu.edu.my
Wed Jul 17 06:50:27 BST 2013

Dear All,

I faced a problem when trying to do bin/epadmin create and the error is
something like this:

[root at shdl eprints3]# bin/epadmin create
Can't locate Apache2/Const.pm in @INC (@INC contains:
/opt/eprints3/lib/plugins /opt/eprints3/bin/../perl_lib
/usr/local/lib64/perl5 /usr/local/share/perl5 /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl
/usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl /usr              /lib64/perl5
/usr/share/perl5 .) at /opt/eprints3/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints/Const.pm line
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
/opt/eprints3/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints/Const.pm line 266.
Compilation failed in require at /opt/eprints3/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints.pm
line 180.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
/opt/eprints3/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints.pm line 180.
Compilation failed in require at bin/epadmin line 250.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at bin/epadmin line 250.

what does it mean? Thanks

"Bridging boundaries, connecting minds"

Best Regards,

Mr. Shaharom Nizam Mohamed
Assistant Manager,
Marketing & Information Development Unit,
Siti Hasmah Digital Library,
Multimedia University,
Persiaran Multimedia,
63100 Cyberjaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel:603-8312 5862
Fax:603-8312 5866
Email:nizam.mohamed at mmu.edu.my
URL : http://vlib.mmu.edu.my
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