[EP-tech] Importing files and metadata with /bin/import

Nault, Pierre nault.pierre at uqam.ca
Fri Jan 25 15:58:35 GMT 2013


	We're trying to import metadata and files attach with /bin/import. So far we have been able to import metadata AND files with the XML plugin:

	./import name-of-repository --enable-web-imports --user 1184 inbox XML /home/eprints/IMPORTation-en-lot/ep3xml1.xml --verbose
	For that we have to make an xml file with the metadata containing à link to the physical document.

	But the original metadata file is in BibTex format. We have to convert it into BibTexXML and then apply an xslt transformation to convert it into EP3XML format. That way eprints will digest it and import not only the metadata but also the files that are link. This process is complicated and depend on the quality of the metadata in the BibTeX file -xslt transformation as to be adapted from time to time.
	 We have tried to import metadata AND files with /bin/import from the BibTex file but this does not import any attach files :

	./import name-of-repository --enable-web-imports --user 1184 inbox BibTeX /home/eprints/IMPORTation-en-lot/naouel-certifie.bib --verbose

	I'm not a perl connoisseur, but is there a way we could modify the BibTeX plugin so that it would also import the files attach to a BibTeX file like the XML plugin do so nicely ?

	We are on eprint 3.1.

	Thanks for any advice,

Pierre Nault
Bibliothécaire systèmes
Technologies de l’information
Université du Québec à Montréal
Tél : 514-987-300 #4554

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