[EP-tech] Eprints 3.3.11 on redhat

David Whitehead dwhitehead at lincoln.ac.uk
Sun Feb 24 00:27:58 GMT 2013

Hi All,

I just wanted to ask if anyone has managed to get the new 3.3 EPrints on a redhat styled operating system whether it be fedora or redhat enterprise etc. I have followed the guide on the main EPrints home page and also installed all perl modules "sudo yum install perl*" etc to ensure i should have all libraries but i cannot seem to get EPrints working after it has completed. I think it has something to do with the apache2 links not linking to httpd instead of apache2 or something. I was wondering if some of the apache link problems could be caused via switch perl in the new apache EPrint files?

I am using fedora as a testing development box to install EPrints for now, but will be moving onto redhat enterprise at a later date. The dev box is completely fresh with nothing on it other then the libraries and EPrints installation. After the installation the problems i receive are:-

1- the httpd server not working at all until you uninstall it and then re install it (Note: i do put the apache link back to eprints/cfg/apache.conf) 

2- the EPrints home page showing the default apache page, but if you type the additional urls for the login etc "/cgi/users/home" it finds the page but comes up with the general server error contact the admin of EPrints.

On another note, all through the installation for the redhat version of EPrints there is phrase perl errors messages and certain features like typing in the wrong mysql information does not loop back to give you another attempt it simply ends the installation process with errors. I have write extensive EPrint installation scripts for Debian systems and not had an issue at all even with configuring the apache2 etc but for the redhat version i seem to be getting no where,

If anyone has any information about this it would be very much appreciated thanks very much,

Kind regards,

David Whitehead.

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