[EP-tech] Eprints critical block on cache insert

Paolo Tealdi paolo.tealdi at polito.it
Tue Feb 12 08:35:12 GMT 2013

Dear all,

i'm debugging some misterious mysql hanging that sometimes happen on our server (2-3 times a week). They happen during the night and when i can check the server i find the eprint server almost swaped out with a
VERY big number of httpd process, all the mysql connection used  and tipically a huge cache insert (the attachment is the last insert found) apparently blocking the mysql server.
Doing a SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST\G i found the older active thread

      Id: 961782
    User: eprints
    Host: giasone.polito.it:35530
      db: eprints3310
Command: Query
    Time: 50077
   State: statistics
    Info:  ... the select in attachment ...

You can notice that the process state is in "statistics" status.

Googling i found that it seems that, if in a select there are involved a big number of tables, mysql query optimizer can block itself indefinitely analyzing that transaction, in the statistic state.
It seems that setting  optimizer_search_depth variable  to a low value this problem disappear.

The default is

optimizer_search_depth = 62

i put it to

set global optimizer_search_depth = 5;

and seems to resolve the blocking issue.
A side effect seems to be a slight speedup in general when you're doing advanced searches (those query can be "important") .

Anybody has found this problem ?

Best regards,
Paolo Tealdi

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