[EP-tech] Re: Configuring EPrints for SWORD deposit

Ian Stuart Ian.Stuart at ed.ac.uk
Mon Aug 5 09:01:16 BST 2013

On 05/08/13 08:51, Sheppard, Nick wrote:
> Thanks Tommy
> It's backwards compatible to Sword 1.3 though I think...at least I
> did manage to get EasyDeposit (http://easydeposit.swordapp.org/)
> working which is the older standard but would like to use v2.0.
The big problem is that David & Nick's solution does the 7-step dance, 
and doesn't actually emulate SWORD 1.3

What I mean is this:
Say you have a deposit with 5 documents... under SWORD 1.3, you can 
bundle this up into zip-file, along with a text-file of metadata, and 
drop the whole thing into a SWORD endpoint.... and the repo will un-pack 
it and create a complete ePrint for you.

What Nick & David's solution does is take your files, then make a series 
of connections to the server: (1) get a blank ePrint made; (2) add the 
metadata; (3) add the first file; (4) add the sencond file; ... (7) add 
the last file.

Whilst this is good use of the SWORD 2.0 technologies. it doesn't 
emulate SWORD 1.3


Ian Stuart.
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