[EP-tech] Details and Preview tab in custom status

Alan.Stiles Alan.Stiles at open.ac.uk
Mon Apr 22 15:24:31 BST 2013

Can anybody point me in the right direction please?

I'm trying to get the Preview and Details tabs of an eprint to appear for a basic user when I have changed the item status to a custom value (eg 'my_review'), but all I can currently see are the 'Actions' and 'Editorial' tabs, containing my own custom actions, which currently have no security attached.

I've tried looking at the 'can_be_viewed' method of EPrints::Plugin::Screen::EPrint::View  and my head is spinning around the value of
which equals 4 when the item is in 'inbox' but zero when the item is in 'my_review'.

Any thoughts where I should be looking - I can't find anything about altering these permission in the wiki or tech-list after various searches.


Alan Stiles
Digital Repository Developer
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